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Mighty Mermaids at the 2014 Lake Travis Relay in Lake Travis, Texas that includes 60-year-old Nancy Steadman Martin, 60-year-old Christie Ciraulo, 56-year-old Jenny Cook, 57-year-old Tracy Grilli, 58-year-old Karen Einsidler, and 60-year-old Veronica Hibben
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Veronica Hibben
Veronica Hibben

Veronica Hibben (born 14 June) is a 60-year-old American open water swimmer who was formerly a world-class pool swimmer and is currently a member of the Mighty Mermaids. She won the 2011 and 2012 SPMS Open Water Series held in Southern California and the experienced waterwoman who is part of the Oak Streeters swimming group and the OC Open Water Swims group in Laguna Beach, California, U.S.A. She is competing in the 2021 127.8 km Conquering the Beast circumnavigation swim in Flathead Lake, Montana.

Mighty Mermaids

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OC Open Water Swims

Hibben is part of the OC Open Water Swims Group of open water swimmers dedicated to publicizing open water swim practices and events in Orange County and surrounding areas. Interested swimmers can request an invitation to join via The group includes swimmers of various levels of speed and experience and a number of enthusiastic, passionate, knowledgeable ocean swimmers who train in Laguna Beach and elsewhere.

Members often participate in and report on open water swimming competitions, events and happenings around the world. They welcome other friends and open water swimmers to their training sessions where swimmers can swim traditionally (i.e., no wetsuits) or with wetsuits if the water is deemed too cold.

2012 Series Schedule

1. Seal Beach Rough Water Swim, 1 mile
2. Seal Beach Rough Water Swim, 3 miles
3. Semana Nautica, 6 miles
4. Balboa to Newport Pier-to-Pier, 2 miles
5. Nadadores Rough Water Swim at Salt Creek, 2.4 mile
6. OptimisSport Distance Swim Challenge, 1.2 mile swim
7. OptimisSport Distance Swim Challenge, 2.4 mile swim
8. Don Burns Corona del Mar Swim, 1 mile
9. Slam the Dam at Lake Mead, 1.2 mile loop
10. Slam the Dam at Lake Mead, 2.4 mile loop

2012 Series Winners

19-24 years: Carri Cook
25-29 years: Lexie Kelly
30-34 years: Jessica Krick
35-39 years: Tanya MacLean
40-44 years: Vanessa Mesia
45-49 years: Melissa Latt
50-54 years: Lynn Kubasek
55-59 years: Veronica Hibben
60-64 years: Carol Hayden

35-39 years: Craig Gutjahr
40-44 years: James Bergen
45-49 years: Bryan Buck
50-54 years: Bill Ireland
55-59 years: James Hardie
60-64 years: Hubie Kerns
75-79 years: Bill Cooke

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