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Carri Cook

Carri Cook is the Head Coach of the Long Beach State Masters Swim Team at California State University at Long Beach in Southern California. Cook swam for Dave Salo at NOVA and for Gregg Wilson at University California Santa Barbara. Cook also served as the lead intern for the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation and Pac-12 Swimming Championships in 2012.

She has served as the Head Age Group Coach for the Santa Barbara Aquatic Club and has taught children and adults from beginners to champions, both in the pool and open water swimming as well, as coached triathletes. She is currently in the Masters Program in Sports at Long Beach State.

She also won the 2012 Southern Pacific Masters Swimming Open Water Series in the 19-24 age group. The SPMS Open Water Series is a 10-race series for registered swimmers of Southern Pacific Masters Swimming in Southern California.

2012 Series Schedule

1. Seal Beach Rough Water Swim, 1 mile
2. Seal Beach Rough Water Swim, 4 miles
4. Semana Nautica, 6 miles
4. Balboa to Newport Pier-to-Pier, 2 miles
5. Nadadores Rough Water Swim at Salt Creek, 2.4 mile
6. OptimisSport Distance Swim Challenge, 1.2 mile swim
6. OptimisSport Distance Swim Challenge, 2.4 mile swim
8. Don Burns Corona del Mar Swim, 1 mile
9. Slam the Dam at Lake Mead, 1.2 mile loop
10. Slam the Dam at Lake Mead, 2.4 mile loop

2012 Series Winners

19-24 years: Carri Cook
25-29 years: Lexie Kelly
40-44 years: Jessica Krick
45-49 years: Tanya MacLean
40-44 years: Vanessa Mesia
45-49 years: Melissa Latt
50-54 years: Lynn Kubasek
55-59 years: Veronica Hibben
60-64 years: Carol Hayden

45-49 years: Craig Gutjahr
40-44 years: James Bergen
45-49 years: Bryan Buck
50-54 years: Bill Ireland
55-59 years: James Hardie
60-64 years: Hubie Kerns
65-69 years: Bill Cooke

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