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Serge Gellé

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Serge Gellé serves as the Madagascar Secretary of State for Police.

Open Water Swimming

57-year-old Gellé and Chief Warrant Officer Andrianarison Jimmy Laitsara survived a helicopter crash off the northeastern coast of Madagascar and swam 12 hours to shore in the Indian Ocean to rescue themselves on 21 December 2021. Two of their crew passed away in the crash.

2021 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year Award Nomination

He was nominated for the 2021 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year Award. The winners and nominees included:

Winner: Avram Iancu (Romania)
First Runner-up: José Eduardo do Amaral Ferreira (Brazil)
Second Runner-up: Jordan Leckey (Ireland)
4. Krzysztof Gajewski (Poland)
5. Meliah Motchman (Canada)
6. Courtney Moates Paulk (USA)
7. Rusya – Türkiye Uluslararasi Karadeniz 320 km Açik Deniz Yüzme Maratonu (Russia – Turkey)
8. Jennifer Dutton (USA)
9. John Batchelder (USA)
10. Serge Gellé and Andrianarison Jimmy Laitsara (Madagascar)
11. Qing Li (USA)
12. Défi Titicaca (France)
13. Anna Brown (Andorra)
14. Oceane Cassignol (France)
15. Matan Roditi (Israel)

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