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Tamas Hamor

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Captain Tamas Hamor
Sara Hajdu with Captain Tamas Hamor
Pearl, co-owned by Captain Tamas Hamor

Captain Tamas Hamor from Hungary is the captain of Jennifer Figge's continuous stage swim across the Atlantic Ocean, called the Atlantic Crossing 4. He will sail on a new D5000 (Dean Catamaran).

Captain Hamor learned to sail when he was living in Spain, running a construction business. He soon sailed all over in the Mediterranean and across the Atlantic Ocean with Sara Hajdu. They co-founded Pearl Yacht charters, sailing throughout Central America, French Polynesia, New Zealand and Australia, logging over 50,000 nautical miles. The pair are both PADI dive masters and offer PADI open water course on their charters.

Atlantic Crossing 4 Crew[edit]

The crew of Atlantic Crossing 4 that is listed below:

Jennifer Figge[edit]

Jennifer Figge is an American endurance athlete who successfully crossed the Strait of Gibraltar twice: once on 29 July 2001 in 7 hours 17 minutes and once on 9 September 2002 in 5 hours 30 minutes.

Beginning at the age of 56 years old, Figge completed a series of stage swims across the Atlantic Ocean in 2009 from Cape Verde off the coast of Africa to Trinidad in the Caribbean Sea over the course of 1-2 months.At the age of 60, she will attempt a continuous stage swim across the Atlantic Ocean, starting from Brava Island off the coast of Senegal to Antigua in the Carribean Sea called Atlantic Crossing 4.

Bermuda Triangle Swim[edit]

Captain Hamor is the escort pilot for the 1000 nautical mile Bermuda Triangle Swim, a stage swim by Jennifer Figge in November 2016.


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