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Spirit Orcas

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Spirit Orcas is a group of Special Olympics swimmers who are coached by Susan Simmons. They form relay teams that do marathon swims. They plan crossings of the Georgia Strait in 2020 and the English Channel in 2022.


Gunboat Channel Swim[edit]

The 34 km Gunboat Channel Swim was held in the Great Bear Rainforest in July 2019 with Ben Van Lierop, Dixon McGowan, Drew Sabourin, Cheyenne Furlong Goos, Maria Sharock, Aly White, and coach Susan Simmons.

The Great Big Swim[edit]

The Great Big Swim is an 8-week 80 km stage swim from Brentwood Bay to Esquimalt Lagoon in Canada to raise funds for COVID Relief in July - August 2020 with Cheyenne Furlong Goos (nicknames Chey or Cheybee), Meliah Motchman (nickname Madame Butterfly), Maria Sharock (nickname Pizza), Aly White (nickname Flipper), Dixon McGowan (nickname Dixonator), Drew Sabourin (Drewsie), Ben Vanlierop (nickname Benny), Lidia White (nickname Lidster), Susan Simmons, and Jasmine Kremer.

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