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Sharon Beckman

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Photo of Sharon Beckman from Out of the Channel and Into Criminal Justice Reform by Jess Rivilis
Illustration of Sharon Beckman by Mark Steele of Harvard Magazine

Sharon Beckman is a former American competitive swimmer at Harvard University (backstroke and middle-distance freestyle), a former open water swimmer and currently a law professor at Boston College and record-setting masters swimmer. She received a bachelor’s degree from Harvard, a law degree from the University of Michigan, and completed two clerkships on the United States Supreme Court and the U.S. Court of Appeals on the First Circuit.

Swimming Career Highlights

Professional Career

Professor Beckman is the Director of the Boston College Innocence Program and Co-Director of the Boston College Criminal Justice Clinic, and a Boston College Law School professor.

1977 World Professional Marathon Swimming Federation Rankings


1. John Kinsella (USA) 1,375 points
2. Bill Heiss (USA) 1,033 points
3. Claudio Plit (Argentina) 932 points
4. Jon Erikson (USA) 604 points
5. Magdy Mandour (Egypt) 563 points
6. Raul Villagomez (Mexico) 556 points
7. Amin Yousseff (Egypt) 550 points
8. Marwan Saleh (Syria) 477 points
9. Ray Dixon (England) 433 points
10. Dennis Matuch (USA) 426 points
11. James Barry (USA) 391 points
12. Nasser El Shazly (Egypt) 331 points
13. Magdy Farid (Egypt) 225 points
14. Ibrahim Feidalla (Egypt) 205 points
15. Baher Hamid (Egypt) 192 points
16. Martin Neiman (USA) 184 points
17. Guy Montpetit (Canada) 158 points
18. Ossama Rachad (Egypt) 150 points
19. Wayne Westman (USA) 133 points
20. Sultan Kigab (Sudan) 131 points
21. Mohamad Gamie (Egypt) 120 points


1. Loreen Passfield (Canada) 1,375 points
2. Cynthia Nicholas (Canada) 1,054 points
3. Kim Lumsdon (Canada) 545 points
4. Corrie Dixon (Holland) 483 points
5. Nazala Moustafa (Egypt) 404 points
6. Omneya Tantawi (Egypt) 379 points
7. Sharon Beckman (USA) 245 points
8. Martha Stortz (USA) 210 points

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