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Vanesa Garcia

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Vanesa García at the 57 km Santa Fe Marathon Swim

Rita Vanesa Garcia (born 14 June 1984) is a professional marathon swimmer from Sante Fe, Argentina.

Rita Vanesa Garcia is a 27-year-old professional marathon swimmer from Argentina who competes on the FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix pro circuit including 10 Traversée internationale du lac St-Jean in Roberval, Québec, Canada. She finished fourth overall in the 2015 FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix professional circuit.

Open Water Swimming Career[edit]

Traversée internationale du lac St-Jean Record[edit]

FINA Competitions[edit]

2019 FINA UltraMarathon Swim Series Rankings[edit]

1. Pilar Geijo (Argentina) 365 points
2. Romina Imwinkelriedt (Argentina) 296 points
3. Alice Franco (Italy) 261 points
4. Daira Marin (Argentina) 248 points
5. Erika Yenssen (Argentina) 227 points
6. Martina Oriozabala (Argentina) 214 points
7. Marie-Laurence Lortie (Canada) 205 points
7. Barbara Pozzobon (Italy) 205 points
9. Rita Vanesa Garcia (Argentina) 181 points
10. Sandra Frimerman-Bergquist (USA) 101 points
11. Angela Maurer (Germany) 70 points
11. Cecilia Biagioli (Argentina) 70 points
11. Morgane Dornic (France) 70 points
14. Julia Lucila Arino (Argentina) 61 points
15. Vicenia Navarro (Venezuela) 52 points
16. Ivana Prizmic (Croatia) 40 points


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