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Strait of Bonifacio

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Strait of Bonifacio on 17 September 2018 byDavid Holscher

The Strait of Bonifacio (Corsican: Bucchi di Bunifaziu, French: Bouches de Bonifacio, Gallurese: Bocchi di Bunifaciu, Italian: Bocche di Bonifacio) is the strait between Corsica (France) and Sardinia, named after the Corsican town Bonifacio. It is 11 km (6.8 mi) wide and divides the Tyrrhenian Sea from the western Mediterranean Sea. The strait is notorious among sailors for its weather, currents, shoals, and other obstacles.

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Carina Bruwer across the Strait of Bonifacio

Robert McGlashan crossed the Strait of Bonifacio in 5 hours 24 minutes

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