Toronto Island Lake Swim

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The Toronto Island Lake Swim is a multi-distance open water swimming competition in Toronto, Canada. It has events of 750m, 1.5 km and 3.8 km in distance and is part of the Canadian Open Water Swim Series and the Canaqua Sports Open Water Swim Series.


The swim course is from the Center Island Pier to Ward's Island Beach and back.


Lake Ontario has not been this clean in a very long time. We are raising awareness for water quality and we have partnered with Lake Ontario Waterkeepers. Lake Ontario Waterkeeper is founded on the belief that it is possible to achieve a swimmable, drinkable, fishable world.


› A 750 meter swim in the shallowest part of the course
› A 1.5 km swim. The Olympic swimming & triathlon swim distance
› A 3.8 km swim. The Iron Man Triathlon swim distance

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