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Ralph West

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Ralph West, South African open water swimmer

Ralph West is an open water swimmer from South Africa.

Open Water Swimming Career[edit]

Cape Recife Swim[edit]

West completed an 11 km rounding of Cape Recife, the southeastern tip of the African continent on 28 February 2015 in 3 hours 34 minutes together with PJ Duffy (3 hours 17 minutes), Rudi Schoeman (3 hours 18 minutes), Iain Geddes (3 hours 21 minutes), Kevin Grey (3 hours 23 minutes), Brenton Williams (3 hours 33 minutes), and Richden Jute (3 hours 34 minutes). The escort paddler was Terry Olivier; the swim was sanctioned by the Cape Long Distance Swimming Association.

Legend of the Bell Buoy[edit]

West and Richden Jute are amongst the small crew of swimmers known as the Legends of the Bell Buoy for having completed all six of the Bell Buoy Challenge swims in South Africa.

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