Rachel Golub

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Rachel Golub
Beagle Channel and the Strait of Magellan crossed by Ryan Stramrood (South Africa), Kieron Palframan (South Africa), Toks Viviers (South Africa), Andrew Chin (South Africa), Pedro Ordenes (Chile), Randy Perkins (USA), Rachel Golub (USA), Cristian Vergara (USA/Chile), Scott Lautman (USA), Mark Lautman (USA) [wetsuit], Rafal Ziobro (Poland), and Gustavo Oriozabala (Argentina)

Rachel Golub is an American open water swimmer who specializes in cold water swims and extreme swims. She is an extraordinarily talented multi-instrumentalist (violinist, sitar player and string arranger), vocalist and composer. She combines the intensity and structure of classicism with the freedom and sensuality of improvisation in her compositions.

Extreme Swimming Career

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