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Perimeter swim

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noun - A perimeter swim is an open water swim near or around the perimeter of an open body of water such as a lake, bay or reservoir.

Types of Open Water Swim Courses

  • A geometric course refers to the triangular, rectangular or any other multi-side shape of an open water swimming event. It generally has the start and finish at the same point, but not always. The start and finish can be in the water or on land. It can also be referred to as a loop course.
  • A loop course refers to the shape of an open water swim where swimmers swim around buoys in any geometric shape (e.g., triangular or rectangular), generally starting and finishing at the same point which can be in on land or in the water at a fixed position.
  • A ship-to-shore course refers to a course that begins on a ship or boat or other type of marine vessel and ends on a nearby shoreline.
  • A point-to-point course or a linear course refers to the shape of an open water swim where swimmers start and finish at two separate points that can be on land or in the water at a fixed position.
  • An out-and-back course course refers to the shape of an open water swim where swimmers or triathletes start onshore, head out to a point away from shore in a bay, ocean, sea, lake or estuary, and then return back to the finish at the same point where the swim started.
  • A bank-to-bank course refers to a course that starts on one bank (of a river or shore) and finishes on the opposite or other bank.
  • An island-to-island swim is a point-to-point swim from one island to another.
  • An offshore swim where a majority or all of the swim is located far offshore, away from a continent or mainland.
  • A coastal swim is an open water swim where most of the course is located along a coast or shoreline.
  • A transoceanic swim is an assisted stage swim or relay across one of the world's oceans.
  • A circumnavigation swim is a swim around an island.
  • A perimeter swim is a course that goes near the perimeter of a lake or bay.

Sea of Galilee Perimeter Swim

Udi Erell, Oded Rahav, Luc Chetboun, Doron Amosi, Ben Enosh, Ori Sela, Shani Moskuna, Adina Faur, Amnon Salai, Ami Ginsburg, Dror Belkin, Or Kind, Tal Fridman, Tal Snunit, Avishag Turek, Oded Gross, Erez Tzuk, and Tzvika guided by the support team of Avi Ruso, Ido Kessler, Avi Ben David, Daniel Kobrinski, Adam Wadell, Ariel Elisar, Shimon Rainish, Moti Ermlin, and Yahly Shafrir completed a Perimeter Swim, a 3-day stage swim in the Sea of Galilee in Israel.

  • Day 1 stage swim of 18.15 km in 5 hours 42 minutes 18 seconds from the north Hukuk Beach through Tiberias to Beit Yerach
  • Day 2 stage swim of 15.7 km in 5 hours 15 minutes 53 seconds from Beit Yerach to Ha’On beach and from there to Lavnun Beach
  • Day 3 stage swim of 13.4 km in 4 hours 16 minutes 42 seconds from Lavnun beach ack to Hukuk

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