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Escape From Lewes Open Water Classic 5K Swim, a ship-to-shore race (a type of a linear course) in Lewes, Delaware, U.S.A.
Walkerized Jim McConica doing the Ventura Deep Six Linear course relay far off the coast of California in 2010
Kurt Baron swimming alongside the Pacific Monarch in the Ventura Deep Six linear course relay en route on a 202-mile course together with Jim Neitz, Mike Shaffer, John Chung, Tom Ball, and Jim McConica far off the coast of California in 2010 from Ventura to La Jolla

adjective - A long linear course (or a point-to-point course or a linear course) is an open water swim or triathlon swim where swimmers or triathletes start and finish at two separate points that can be on land or in the water at a fixed position. One example of a long linear course is a point-to-point course, a ship-to-shore course, a coastal course, or an island-to-island course.


The Acapulco 5K International Swim is a point-to-point course across the bay.

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Video of Point-to-Point Channel Swim

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