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Kate Rew, founder of the Outdoor Swimming Society
Bantham Swoosh, part of the Outdoor Swimming Society series

The Outdoor Swimming Society (OSS) is an online forum and platform envisioned and driven by renowned Wild Swim author, Kate Rew of Great Britain. The Outdoor Swimming Society is an organisation with the aim of harnessing and growing the popularity of wild swimming. The Outdoor Swimming Society unites thousands of outdoor swimmers across the United Kingdom and around the world.


Kate Rew describes an early love of wild swimming developed during summer days on her family’s farm in Devonshire. The childhood expeditions developed into a lifelong passion, prompting Rew to author the book ‘Wild Swim’, celebrating some of the best swims across Britain.

Outdoor Swimming Society Swims

The Outdoor Swimming Society conducts an annual open water swimming series in the United Kingdom. The events include:

OSS Adventure Series

The Outdoor Swimming Society Adventure Series is a series of free wild swims, offered to OSS swimmers by OSS swimmers. The Adventure Series is for competent, confident swimmers who swim at their own risk as peers - there is no safety cover. The Series is supported by Alpkit.




Open Water Swimming Video

by Dom Bush, Land & Sky Media, sponsored by ALPKIT and supported by The Outdoor Swimming Society

Chasing The Sublime Trailer

Chasing The Sublime with Kate Rew and Kari Furre by Amanda Bluglass

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