Bantham Swoosh

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Bantham Swoosh, part of the Outdoor Swimming Society series

The Bantham Swoosh 6 km open water swim is held on 2-3 July 2016 in Bantham, Devon, United Kingdom. It is a 6 km open water swim down a sandy bottomed estuary in Devon. After a routinely earthy start, the estuary becomes sandy-bottomed and shallow, giving unusual clarity on the riverbed below, so swimmers can sightsee the whole way. The swim ends with being swooshed out to sea. It is one of the World's Top 100 River Swims.

Outdoor Swimming Society Swims

The Outdoor Swimming Society conducts an annual open water swimming series in the United Kingdom. The events include:

  • Bantham Swoosh, a 6 km swim down a beautiful estuary in Devon
  • Dart 10K, a new 10-mile course on 5-6 September
  • an autumn swim (to be announced)
  • December Dip

OSS Adventure Series

The Outdoor Swimming Society Adventure Series is a series of free, wild swims, offered to OSS swimmers by OSS swimmers. The Adventure Series is for competent, confident swimmers who swim at their own risk as peers - there is no safety cover. The Series is supported by Alpkit.

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