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Maria Misfud Bonnici

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Maria Misfud Bonnici is the Nutrition Coach at the Swim Camp Malta in Malta, a one-week intensive open water swimming camp featuring Adam Walker and Keith Bartolo.

She holds a Master of Sport and Exercise Physiology and is known for her previous success both locally and internationally in the triathlon scene, has been awarded a diploma in Sports Nutrition by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Although she has retired from competition, she has been involved with swimming for the past three years helping the national swimming coach with physiological tests and the swimmers with nutritional guidance so as to help them realise their full potential and achieve higher standards. Maria is one of only 88 sport nutritionists in the world to have been successful in achieving this diploma to date and is the only Maltese to have received this prestigious award. She has a number of triathlon and duathlon champion titles under her belt as well as the title of Sportswoman of the Year 2001.

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