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Delphinus team finishing Swimmathon around Mumbai, India
Delphinus team finishing Swimmathon around Mumbai, India

Delphinus is a 6-person relay team that swam 286 km (177.7 miles) around the city of Mumbai, India in 49 hours 44 minutes led by Wing Commander Paramvir Singh that started and finished at the Gateway of India between 28-30 October 2014 in a clockwise course in 49 hours 44 minutes.

Relay Accomplishments

The 28-30 October 2014 swim was called the Swimmathon, the longest open water swimming relay in Asia with the goal to promote and popularize the sport of open water swimming in India and to commemorate the 82nd anniversary of the Indian Air Force.

Delphinus has also crossed the English Channel from England to France and two Indian channels from Rewas to the Gateway of India and Dharamtat to Gateway of India.

On 8 October 14, Delphinus swam between Mora Jetty to Kanhoji Angre light house (Khandheri) covering a distance of 38 km in 4 hours 45 minutes in a four-men relay with Wing Commander Paramvir Singh, Sergeant AK Patel, Sergeant S Sriharim and Leading Aircraftsman V Tokas in an open water Medley Relay.


The swimmathon was extremely challenging as the sea conditions were rough and swim was against current, besides other challenges of marine life like jellyfish and a very high level of water pollution. Two independent observers from the Maharashtra State Amateur Aquatic Association were on board an escort boat to observe and ratify the swimming record.



Mumbai is a triangular shaped island surrounded on two sides by the Arabian Sea, while the third side is a connecting creek where the team faced tidal flows, heavy ocean-going traffic, risks from marine life and pollution. Three teams have successfully circumnavigated Mumbai in the counterclockwise direction according to records maintained by Maharashtra State Amateur Aquatic Association and Swimming Federation of India.

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