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Clark Campbell is the University of Kansas head swimming pool and President-Elect of the College Swimming and Diving Coaches Association (CSCAA), the oldest coaches association in the United States of America, founded in 1922. He is also the event organizer of the CSCAA' first national collegiate open water swimming competition, called the CSCAA National Collegiate Open Water Swimming Championships, a 5 km race in Lone Star Lake near Lawrence, Kansas.

CSCAA Executive Board

  • President: Susan Teeter, Princeton University
  • President-Elect: Clark Campbell, University of Kansas
  • Past President, Ex-Officio: Bill Wadley, The Ohio State University
  • Treasurer: Matt Barany, University of Richmond
  • Secretary: Brian Schrader, University of Denver
  • Sergeant-At-Arms Ex Officio: Bob Pearson

Board of Directors

  • Cyndi Gallagher, UCLA
  • Anne Goodman James, Colorado College
  • Jeff Hegle, St. Cloud State University
  • Teri McKeever, University of California at Berkeley
  • McGee Moody, University of South Carolina
  • Sean Tedesco, Merchant Marine Academy
  • Heidi Voight, Northern Michigan University

Professional Staff

  • Executive Director: Joel Shinofield
  • Greg Lockard, Business Development
  • Greg Earhart: Program Officer
  • Sarah James: Intern

Interview at the Collegiate Open Water Swimming Championships

Together with Shelley Taylor-Smith

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