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Chris DeSisto is the current vice president of the New England Marathon Swimming Association (NEMSA), a non-profit member organization founded in 1976 spanning from Booth Bay to Narragansett Bay immersed in open water swimming, racing and watching guard over New England's waters. Its members have been swimming the waters of New England in the northeastern United States of America for over 30 years. From Booth Bay to Narragansett Bay, members swim and watch guard over the quality of New England's waters.

The organization, who calls themselves, "Open Water Swimmers for Clean Water," retains the goals of connecting open water swimmers across New England, encouraging awareness in clean water issues, and creating or promoting open water swim events - whether races, open water swimming clinics, or informal group swims.

NEMSA Leadership

The members of the NEMSA board of directors includes the following individuals:

President - Richie Martin
Vice President - Chris DeSisto
Secretary - Mina Elnaccash
Treasurer - David Swensen

International Swimming Hall of Fame

The New England Marathon Swimming Association donated the Irving Davids-Captain Roger Wheeler Memorial Award to the International Swimming Hall of Fame to recognize individuals who have helped grow the sport of open water swimming.



  • Demonstrate their support of NEMSA
  • Provide US$10 discount entry fee to 2012 Gloucester Clean Harbor Swim
  • Are invited to participate in group training swims
  • Are eligible for 20% discount on select products through Kast-a-way swimwear
  • Enroll in NEMSA's newsletter, receive updates on open water swimming events and clean water issues throughout the year

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