Arctic: The Present and The Future

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Arctic: The Present and The Future is a swimming film documentary about the 5.6 km crossing between the Diomede Islands called the Diomede Islands Swim by Alexandr Brylin and Grigorii Prokopchuk of Russia that was nominated for the 2014 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year.

Following in the wake of Lynne Cox, 38-year-old Brylin and 45-year-old Prokopchuck attempted to replicate Cox’s iconic swim in 1987 between the Diomede Islands in the Bering Strait in 2014. As a charity swim for Mad Swimmer to benefit sick children in Russia and South Africa, the Russian pair of ice swimmers and veterans of the 2013 Bering Strait Swim tackled the 5.6 km course as a tandem swim.

Brylin, swimming breaststroke, and Prokopchuck, swimming freestyle, stayed relatively close to one another, but were swept off their intended course from Little Diomede in the U.S.A. to Big Diomede (Ratmanova Island) in Russia. For their respective crossing under the guidance of coach Viktor Godlevskiy of 1 hour 57 minutes for Prokopchuk and 2 hours 8 minutes for Brylin, for boldly swimming in 3-6°C water in swirling currents and eddies.

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