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Toss and Turn

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noun - Toss and Turn is the fourth rule of feeding when an open water swimmer quickly discards the fuel (e.g., gel pack) or hydration (e.g., water cup or bottle) received from his/her coach and immediately turns over on his/her stomach to begin swimming after a momentary feeding stop.

Swimmers are strongly encouraged to toss their cups back to their coach. In some locations (e.g., Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association, swimmers are required to properly discard their cups (i.e., not pollute the open body of water where they are swimming). In some locations (e.g., Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association), a discarded cup or bottle is grounds for immediate disqualification) if the cup is not picked up by the swimmer or escort crew.

Feeding Sequence

Toss and Turn is part of a four-part sequence of feeding:
(a) Seek and Spot,
(b) Reach and Roll,
(c) Gulp and Go, and
(d) Toss and Turn


The swimmer was ready to toss and turn after quickly gulping down the Gatorade.


Usage dating to circa 2001 from Steven Munatones in Huntington Beach, California.

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