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Feeding at the feeding station for a 10 km marathon swim
Feeding at the feeding station for a 10 km marathon swim
Feeding out in the Atlantic Ocean using a carabiner on a rope to Jennifer Figge in high seas

noun or verb - Feeding is the process of eating (fueling) or drinking (hydrating) during an open water swimming race, relay or solo marathon swim, channel swim, or marathon relay. Feeding is done while the swimming is treading water. It is one element of the concept of interleaving in the training of open water swimmers and triathletes.

Feeding Process

The feeding process is generally considered to be a four-step process:

1. Seek and Spot
2. Reach and Roll
3. Gulp and Go
4. Toss and Turn


The swimmers stopped momentarily for a feeding.


bef. 900; ME feding, OE féding

FINA Rules on Feeding

The FINA rules on feeding can be found here and include the following rules:

OWS 6.14 No objects can be thrown from the feeding platform to the swimmers, including sustenance. The swimmers shall receive their feeding directly from their representative by a feeding pole or by hand.

OWS 6.15 Feeding poles are not to exceed 5m in length when extended. No objects, rope or wire may hang off the end of feeding poles except national flags. National flags are allowed to be attached to the feeding pole but may not exceed the size of 30cm x 20 cm.


hydration, drink, gel pack, fueling, hydrating, feeds

Feeding at FINA 10K Marathon Swimming World Cup

Feeding Explained Virtually

Feeding explained by WOWSA's Chris and Dan:

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