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Sun Rice Australia

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Sun Rice Australia (Sunrice Australia Channel Relay Team or Sun Rice Australian Relay Team) was a team of 6 Australian open water swimmers who set a four-way relay record across the English Channel in 1993 under the leadership of Des Renford. En route to their four-way relay record, Sun Rice Australia also set the two-way record (distance: 68 km) in 20 hours 40 minutes, and the three-way (distance: 102 km) in 32 hours 24 minutes. Their overall time was 43 hours 7 minutes, later broken in 2007 by Sport City Mexico in 42 hours 11 minutes.


The members of Sun Rice Australia included Cyril Baldock from Bondi Beach, Michael Renford ('Murph') from South Maroubra, and Baden Green, Greg Stewart, Peter Tibbets and Kevin Neilsen, all from Cronulla.

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