Sampanna Ramesh Shelar

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Swimming coach Jitendra Khasnis together with Sampanna Shelar after an unprecedented 30 km marathon swim to Vashi Bridge in India

Sampanna Ramesh Shelar is a 14-year-old pool and open water swimmer from India, coached by Jitendra Khasnis.

Open Water Swimming Career

  • he swam 18 km in 3 hours 40 minutes across Mandva Jetty to the Gate Way of India in the Arabian Sea on 3 March 2015 together with 14-year-old Soham Sheth
  • he finished fourth in the 5 km Sea Swimming Race from Sunk Rock Lighthouse to the Gateway of India in Mumbai on 10 February 2015.
  • he has completed 10 open water swims, including a 24 km Gate Way of India to Belapur crossing on 24 January 2015
  • he completed a 30 km swim across Prawn's Lighthouse to Vashi Bridge on 11 February 2015 in 4 hours 47 minutes.
  • he set the record of 9 hours 10 minutes across the 32.2 km Bangla Channel from Saint Martin's Island to Shah Porir Dwip of Teknaf and back.

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