Bangla Channel

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The Bangla Channel swim course, established on 14 January 2006
Three pioneer swimmers of 16.1 km The Bangla Channel swim course on 14 January 2006: Lipton Sarker, Fazlul Kabir Sina and Salman Saeed

The Bangla Channel is the 16.1 km course of the International Bangla Channel Marathon Swim that stretches from mainland Bangladesh (Teknaf) to St. Martin's Island located in the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh.

International Bangla Channel Marathon Swim

The International Bangla Channel Marathon Swim is organized by Fazlul Kabir and serves as a charity event for the Centre for Injury Prevention and Research in Bangladesh. Extreme Bangla and Shwaroz Adventure co-organize the 2018 event.

Bangla Channel Two-way Crossing

Tahrina Nasrin completed the the first two-way crossing of the 32.2 km Bangla Channel by a woman, swimming from Saint Martin's Island to Shah Porir Dwip of Teknaf and back in Bangladesh. She started swimming at 6:12 am and completed the journey of 32.2 km in 8 hours 13 minutes at 2:25 pm on 15 December 2019, breaking the previous record of 9 hours 10 minutes set by Sampanna Ramesh Shelar. She was escorted by her father Sk Afsar Ahamed and navigator Rafa Uddin.

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