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Iain McGregor

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Iain McGregor during a feed on his English Channel Swim

Iain McGregor is an open water swimmer successfully completing the English Channel in 20 August 2011 in 15 hours 14 minutes, certified by the Channel Swimming Association. He also organizes the Palmy Manly Swim at Manly Beach in Australia.

Manly to Bondi[edit]

He was also part of a pod of solo swimmers who successfully swam 13.3 km from Manly Beach to Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia on 20 January 2013 in 5 hours 30 minutes. The pod of 10 swimmers, 5 kayakers and an escort boat crew included Anna Torok and Helen Conway swam with kayaker Millie Joseph. Alex Prendergast and organiser Miles Tollan swam with kayaker Collie Kinsela. Cae Tolman and Iain McGregor swam with kayaker Gaétan Guilhon. Michael Teys and Sabine Homrighausen swam with kayaker Luke Teys. Todd McLaren and Andrew Lovett swam with kayaker Ian Paul. The escort boat crew included James Goins, Nicole Piha and Alison Annett.

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