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Vladimir Mravec is a member of the Australian Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Class of 2020/2021
Vlad Mravec

Vladimir Mravec (born 7 February 1972) swam for over 15 years in Europe, hailing from Slovakia, and is based in Sydney Australia who specializes in training open water swimmers. He currently runs his program (Vladswim) in the heart of Sydney covering all swimming levels from stroke correction to a 2 hour intensive squad session.

Coaching Experience

  • Up until Nov 2018, coaching sessions and programs created by Vlad helped: 47 solo swimmers successfully cross the English Channel (ENG), 4 solo swimmers cross North Channel (IRE), 12 swimmers completed Manhattan Island Swim (NY), 10 swimmers Catalina Channel (USA), 9 Vladswimmers are now ranked as Triple Crown swimmers, 2 swimmers completed Cook Strait (NZ), countless swimmers - solo’s ,duo’s and teams at Rottnest Channel swim, Perth (AUS). More details can be found at Vladswim website under ‘achievements’
  • He founded the Vladswim program, which provides all level of swimming services from stroke correction at beginner to elite level through to coaching of an open water swimming squad.
  • His expertise lies in increasing interesting and effective pool and ocean swim sessions covering all levels of intensity and skills to help swimmers achieve their long distance goals. He has a clear understanding of how to structure training programs and plan for specific endurance swim events.
  • His earned a Masters Degree at University Physical education of sport Special for Swimming Australia and Teacher swimming Association swim coach and Open water swim coach
  • He runs annual Cold Water Camp in Melbourne, AUS (at the end of April). This camp is designed to prepare swimmers for their marathon or long-distance swimming goals in cold water.
  • He also runs annual 2.5km, 5km and 10km ocean swim race, called Vladswim Challenge Swim from Chinamans Beach at Mosman, NSW (AUS).


The Vladswim program is a highly specific swimming program for anyone who wants to achieve their ultimate swimming goal. The program includes learn to swim, stroke correction and squad sessions. Vladswim also offers swimmers the opportunity for programme planning with guidance through every step of your preparation. coaching methods from both Europe and Australia. The sessions are expertly guided by the coach who will personally tailor, monitor and guide their swimming activities.

Vlad Swim Cold Water Camp

The Vlad Swim Cold Water Camp is aimed to offer cold water swimming training for channel swims.

Slovak Open Water Swimming Association

He founded the Slovak Open Water Swimming Association.

Achievements till 2018

  • 9 Triple Crown swimmers
  • 47 Solo English Channel swimmers (ENG)
  • 12 Manhattan Island swimmers (NY,USA)
  • 10 Catalina Channel swimmers (CA, USA)
  • 7 Beachcomber Island swimmers (Fiji)
  • 5 Gibraltar Channel swimmers (Spain)
  • 1 Tsugaru Channel swimmer (Japan)
  • 2 Cook Strait swimmers (NZ)<br/
  • 1 Lake St Jean (CAN)
  • 2 Arch to Arc (London to Paris)
  • over hundred of swimmers completed South Head Roughwater swim (SYD, NSW)
  • over 130 swimmers completed Rottnest Channel Swim (PER, AUS)
  • 10 Gold Medals @ World Masters Game 2009
  • World Masters Top Ten Ranking 2009 & 2010
  • Hawaii Ironman
  • Half/Full Ironman – Port Macquarie
  • Triathlon – World Triathlon Championships
  • Coolangatta Gold
  • NSW Surf Championship Medallist

2018 World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year Nomination

He was nominated for the 2018 World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year by the World Open Water Swimming Association:
Vladimir Mravec offers specialized training programs augmented by mental preparation and logistical advice, to swimmers in order so they enjoy their open water swimming journeys. His renowned program Vladswim has resulted in several dozens of swimmers from Australia completing channel swims and marathon swims, and competing in triathlons and masters events around the world. Mravec offers cold water camps, technique correction, and intense training sessions that instill self-confidence, develop character, and increase tenacity in order to achieve success including swims across the English Channel, North Channel, Catalina Channel, Molokai Channel, Rottnest Channel, around Manhattan Island, and across Lake Zurich, and many others. Over the last 10 years, he coached 47 English Channel swimmers from Australia, UK, USA, Germany and Ireland, 9 Triple Crowners and a number of long distance swimmers from his native Slovakia including the first Slovakian female English Channel swimmer and the first Slovakian Triple Crowner. For shaping the athletic goals and enabling the success of adult swimmers in open bodies of water around the world, for providing a comprehensive training program that prepares swimmers for all types of conditions and courses, and for sharing his expertise and experience via the Vladswim program, coach and motivator Vladimir Mravec born in Slovakia is a worthy nominee for the 2018 World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year.

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