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Setubal Bay International Swim Marathon

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Setúbal Bay is the site of the Setubal Bay International Swim Marathon and the annual FINA 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup in June. It will also be site of the final Olympic marathon swim 10 km qualification race for the 2012 London Olympics. The event takes place in the Portuguese coast at the beautiful Setúbal Bay located 40km south from Lisbon. The 10 km course includes five 2 km rectangles in water temperature that is approximately between 18-20ºC (64.4°F - 68°F).


2 km, 10 km




City Setúbal Bay

Country Portugal

Region Americas


Name Luis Liberato Baptista

Title Portuguese Swimming Federation


Event Information[edit]

Month: June

Event Date:

Website: FINA 10km Open Water Swimming World Cup and Federação Portuguesa de Natação

Water Temp: 18-19ºC (64.4°F - 68°F)

Class: Pro

Wetsuit: No

Video of 2008 Race[edit]