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Julian Rusinek Scholarship

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Julian Rusinek, namesake for the Julian Rusinek Scholarship
Channels eligible for funding by the Julian Rusinek Scholarship

noun - The Julian Rusinek Scholarship is a scholarship funded by Julian Rusinek that provides financial assistance to American marathon swimmers who have difficulty meeting the financial requirements of channel swimming or are doing a fundraiser for a worthy charitable organization.


Each scholarship can range up to US$500 towards Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association sanctioning fees and may be awarded to American swimmers who demonstrate both a financial need and commitment to completing a swim across one of the Santa Barbara channels. Recipients must also be a good steward of the sport and respect the traditional rules of marathon swimming. Marathon swimmers who wish to be reviewed for this scholarship can contact [] for the application requirements.


The deadline for scholarships is 1 May.

Locations for Channel Swims[edit]

The islands that are governed by the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association include San Miguel Island, Santa Rosa Island, Santa Cruz Island, Anacapa Island, San Nicolas Island, Santa Barbara Island, San Clemente Island, and Santa Catalina Island.

Julian Rusinek[edit]

Julian Rusinek is a 52-year-old American open water swimmer who became the first swimmer to swim from San Miguel Island to Santa Rosa Island in the California Channel Islands on 21 September 2013 in 2 hours 25 minutes under the auspices of the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association. He has been swimming since the age of six and was a competitive swimmer through college; at 18 he became a Seal Beach lifeguard.

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