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International Life Saving Federation

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noun - International Life Saving Federation or ILSF is the world’s international organization of lifesavers, promoting world water safety through a wide variety of initiatives. The International Life Saving Federation (ILS) promotes drowning prevention efforts, sets international lifesaving standards, conducts the biennial World Lifesaving Championships, and hosts lifesaving conferences.

The ILS Lifesaving Commission seeks to reduce the incidence of drowning and other aquatic injuries throughout the world: through the development of organized lifesaving in areas of the world where it does not exist; support for existing lifesaving organizations; support for standardized public information and education; tracking the incidence of drowning throughout the world and publishing this data; development and identification of best medical practices; reviewing, identification, and development of best practices in rescue; and identification of best practices in the training, staffing, and equipping of lifesavers. The Lifesaving Commission included the Rescue Committee, Development Committee, World Drowning Report Committee, Education Committee, and Medical Committee. The Commissioner chairs a commission composed of the chairs of each of the committees and oversees its work.

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