Erica Staaterman

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Erica Staaterman, Vice President and Board Director of the Beneath the Waves Film Festival

Erica Staaterman is the Vice-President and Director of Beneath the Waves Film Festival. Staaterman is a marine scientist who explores auditory scenes in the ocean: the clicks, chirps, and growls of a world that was once thought to be silent. A PhD Candidate at University of Miami, her dissertation examines the role of coral reef soundscapes in larval fish navigation. She is a naturalist at heart, and has been lucky enough to travel to many parts of the blue planet, always with a camera or hydrophone in hand. She is passionate about combining science and film as a communication tool, and has made several films, including “Sonic Reef,” a film which was awarded third prize in the National Science Foundation’s “Creating the Future” video contest.

Beneath the Waves Film Festival

The Beneath the Waves Film Festival is a unique worldwide film festival and communication platform. Its mission is to give the oceans a voice through digital media and scientific storytelling.

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