Dmitry Anashkin

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Dmitry Anashkin (Дмитрий Анашкин) is a Russian race director with the Underwater Sports of Primorksy Krai.

Underwater Sports of Primorksy Krai

Through the Underwater Sports of Primorksy Krai, he organizes the following open water swimming events: an annual 1 km open water swim and a 12 km marathon swim called the Amur Bay International Swim 12 km in Vladivostok, Russia that started in 2013 (Марафонский заплыв Амурский Залив во Владивостоке) as well as 250m Victory Swim in May, the 5 km Cape Basargin Swim]] in June, 1 km and 12 km International Marathon Swim Amur Bay in June, 3 km Skryplev Island Swim in July, 6 km Relay Swim in August, and the 2 km, 3 km and 5 km Friendship Swim in September.

Amur Bay International Swim



Vladivostok is a major Pacific port city in Russia overlooking Golden Horn Bay, near the borders with China and North Korea. It's known as a terminus of the Trans-Siberian Railway, which links the city to Moscow.

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