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Dave Cobell

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Dave Cobell will participate in the 26 km Swim of Peace Ouma - Djerba (Ouma of Djerba) on 2 June 2013 together with Nejib Belhedi, Adam Walker, Haydn Welch, Jackie Cobell, Nicola Fraser, Silke Fraser, Rebecca Jarre, Thomas Noblett, Claire Noblett, Keith Bartolo, Gabriele Galli, and Mauro Giaconia.

Swim of Peach Ouma - Djerba[edit]

The 26 km Ouma of Djerba is held on Djerba Island and is organized by Nejib Belhedi with the support of the Djerba Ulyss Association, together with a music concert managed by Ahmed Rhouma. There are 5 main circuits where the swimmers will be simultaneously swimming:

  • Circuit 1 (Nucleus of Peace): 2 km
  • Circuit 2 (Right Peace Wing 1): 4 km
  • Circuit 3 (Left Peace Wing): 4 km
  • Circuit 4 (Right Peace Wing 2): 8 km
  • Circuit 5 (Left Peace Wing 2): 8 km

450 swimmers completed an average of 2 km during the 2-hour time period.

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