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Dan Eisenhardt founded FORM that was nominated for the 2019 WOWSA Awards in the World Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year category
FORM Swim Goggles
FORM Swim Goggles
FORM Swim App

Dan Eisenhardt is a former competitive swimmer who swam competitively for 14 years before starting his career as a sports technology aquapreneur.

Business Successes

  • He founded Recon Instruments in 2008 where he introduced the world’s first smart eyewear for sports in 2010. The company was acquired by Intel Corporation in 2015.
  • He founded FORM in Vancouver, Canada where Eisenhardt and a team of industry veterans developed a groundbreaking, first-to-market swim goggles technology with a FORM Swim App.

FORM Swim Goggles

FORM Swim goggles is the world’s first swim goggles with a see-through, augmented reality display that delivers performance metrics to swimmers in real time.

About FORM

Founded in 2016 in Vancouver, Canada, FORM is a sports technology company with a simple mission: to break down the barriers between what swimming is and what it could be.

FORM Trailer

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