Courtney Boyd Myers

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Courtney Boyd Myers is an American competitive swimmer and an open water swimmer who created AKUA and its Kelp Jerky as well as the Director of Summit and Partner of Unframed.

AKUA Kelp Jerky

AKUA Kelp Jerky was nominated for the 2018 World Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year by the World Open Water Swimming Association: AKUA created its first product, Kelp Jerky, that is part of a new wave of plant-based cuisine made from sustainably harvested ocean seagreens. Kelp Jerky is changing consumer perceptions of eating healthy, delicious seafood by working with the plants that grow just beyond every shoreline in the world. Seaweed farming has the potential to be the most sustainable form of agriculture on the planet - and AKUA is paving the way with its tasty product that includes all types of vitamins, minerals and omegas. Kelp Jerky requires no fresh water, no land, no deforestation, and no feed or fertilizer to grow. For its innovative, out-of-the-box thinking by chefs, creative types, and ocean farmers, for building a new platform to launch healthy food that is good for humans and the planet, for shaping mindsets and transforming palates to enjoy seafood that grows without pesticides or fertilizers, AKUA's Kelp Jerky by Courtney Boyd Myers is a worthy nominee for the 2018 World Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year.

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