Colleen Sorenson

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Colleen Sorenson of Los Alamitos High School Class of 2023
Los Alamitos girls water polo team, winners of the 2020 Wolfpack Invitational Tournament including (back row) Sofia Munatones, Ashley Heeren, Joey Niz, Jennifer Connelly, Olivia Slavens, Colleen Sorenson, (middle row) Sydney Munatones, Kaelene De Bie, Isabel Valaika, Tess Ravelo, Jasmine Sandoval, (bottom row) Lindsey Harris, Shanna Davidson, Olivia Ouellette, Isabella Hill

Colleen Sorenson is a 14-year-old student-athlete from Seal Beach, California. She is a freshman water polo player and swimmer at Los Alamitos High School in Southern California in its Class of 2023.

Aquatic Career Highlights

  • She plays for Los Alamitos High School girls varsity water polo team as an attacker.
  • She swims for Los Alamitos High School girls swim team.

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