Central Oregon Masters Aquatics

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The Central Oregon Masters Aquatics (COMA) is a group of adult fitness swimmers (18 years and over) who live all over Central Oregon. Members come in all shapes, sizes, ages, goals, skills, and walks of life. Some have lifetime swimming backgrounds, some have recently started in its adult programs, and some are self-taught. All share a love of swimming and a dedication to fitness through swimming. COMA welcomes fitness swimmers, competitors and triathletes. COMA is the current state champions in both pool and open water venues.

COMA will host the 2014 U.S. Masters Swimming 3-6 Mile Open Water Swimming Championship (5 km) on 3 August 2014 on Elk Lake in Bend, Oregon at the 20th Cascade Lakes Swim Series & Festival.


COMA is blessed with access to excellent public and private facilities throughout Central Oregon. The flagship pool is Juniper Swim & Fitness Center in Bend. Other sites include the Athletic Club of Bend, the Cascade Swim Center in Redmond, the Sisters Athletic Club and the Madras Aquatic Center.

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