British Ultra Triathlon

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Sean Conway who completed the World's Longest Triathlon (British Ultra Triathlon) in 85 days, covering over 4,000 miles via cycling, running and open water swimming in 2016, documented and filmed by Discovery Channel UK

The British Ultra Triathlon or the World's Longest Triathlon was a 4,000+ mile self-supported stage triathlon completed by Sean Conway in 85 days and documented by Discovery Channel UK.

Conway completed the self-supported 4000+ mile British Ultra Triathlon in stages where he circumnavigated the entire coast of mainland Britain. He cycled, ran and swam around Britain self-supported, carrying his own kit, and using materials including a bamboo bike and self-made raft. The British Ultra Triathlon included a 3,350-mile ride from Lulworth Cove to Scarborough via the Welsh and Scottish coastlines. The run was from Scarborough to Brighton. The swim was from Brighton to Lulworth Cove, over 120 miles.

Sean Conway

Sean Conway is an endurance adventure athlete and an open water swimmer. He has competed in many endurance kayak (K1 & K2) marathons and climbed Kilimanjaro dressed as a penguin. He has also cycled 16,000 miles through 6 continents in 116 days and doing most of it with a fractured spine after getting run over by a truck in America. His never-give-up attitude captured the imagination of thousands and is now giving talks about setting your goals high, challenging yourself and overcoming tough times.

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