Zdenek Thalmika

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Zdeněk Thalmika is an ice swimmer from the Czech Republic who was a member of the Fast and Frozen.

Fast and Frozen

Thalmika was a member of the Fast and Frozen open water swimming relay that accomplished an unprecedented 2-way North Channel crossing from Ireland to Scotland to Ireland in 29 hours 57 minutes. They left the shore of Ireland on 27 July 2015 at 7:52 am and completed the two-way relay swim at 1:49 pm on 28 July 2015, escorted by Pádraig Mallon's Infinity Channel Swimming. Its members included Henri Kaarma from Estonia, Ryan Stramrood from South Africa, Anna Carin-Nordin from Sweden, Patrick Corcoran from Ireland, Zdeněk Thalmika from the Czech Republic, and Elina Makïnen from Finland.

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