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The Bay of Puck or Puck Bay (Polish: Zatoka Pucka; Kashubian: Pùckô Hôwinga), historically also known as the Bay of Putzig (German: Putziger Wiek), is a shallow western branch of the Bay of Gdańsk in the southern Baltic Sea, off the shores of Gdańsk Pomerania, Poland. It is separated from the open sea by the Hel Peninsula.

The bay has an average depth of 2 m (7 ft) to 6 m (20 ft). There is a shallow sand-bank from Rewa Cape to Kuźnica in the middle of Hel Peninsula. The bay is available only for small fishing boats and yachts, which have to stick to the strict deeper routes. It is site of the 20.5 km BCT Gdynia Marathon Swim.

Swim For A Dream

Swim For A Dream is a solo swim by Adam Jerzykowski, a Polish open water swimmer who swam 20 km across the Bay of Puck (Polish: Zatoka Pucka) between Hel and the main beach in Gdynia between 24-26 July 2015 as a charity swim. It will raise money for three recognised Polish charities: Fundacja GAJUSZ, Caritas, and MG13.


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