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Winning Strategies for Sports and Life

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Winning Strategies for Sports and Life is a book authored by Midgie Thompson that helps people get that extra edge and be the best they can be.

Midgie Thompson[edit]

Midgie Thompson founded Bright Futures Coaching and is a Canadian-born Mental Performance & Lifestyle Coach who has worked in a variety of roles in the public, private and voluntary sectors in Canada and the UK. In the corporate world, she has worked with individuals from entry-level to deputy minister level. She has also worked with athletes from beginner to world championship-level. Thompson is the mental performance expert for H2Open Magazine and was an expert resource on BBC Radio Five Live Sports. She is also a triathlete and an open water swimmer that uses Neuro Linguistic Programming and hyponosis techniques. She has authored two books: Soar with Confidence and Winning Strategies for Sports and Life.

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