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Jordan Mercer, an Australian Ironwoman and waterwoman
Linda Kaiser, a renowned Hawaiian Islands channel swimmer and member of the Hawaii Waterman Hall of Fame

noun - Waterwoman is a female who is considered by her peers and the marine sports community to be well-adept, experienced and highly skilled in various marine sports, performed safely and courageously in myriad conditions, such as ocean swimming, open water swimming, paddling, kayaking, surfing, body surfing, boating, diving, surf lifesaving, lifeguarding, rowing, yachting, fishing, stand-up paddling, kite sailing and/or windsurfing. The waterwoman is also considered humble and fun-loving around the ocean, while simultaneously fearless, but respectful, of rough water conditions. They have a deeply embedded connection with the ocean and take safety in the water very seriously.

Waterwoman are also considered skilled in interpreting weather and tide information to decide the best water activity for the conditions. They also work to improve water resources, reduce water pollution, and protect the environment and water species from over-exploitation.


Duke Kahanamoku of Hawaii and Johnny Weissmuller are examples of early 20th century waterman. Jordan Mercer and Shane Gould of Australia and Grace van der Byl and Katie Rowe of California are examples of contemporary water women.

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