Vedika Bolliger

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Vedika Bolliger, a 34-year-old from Switzerland with raccoon eyes who became the first person to swim across Lake Geneva on 30-31 July 1999 in 42 hours 45 minutes
Vedika Bolliger in her 1996 crossing of the English Channel during a Channel triathlon
Vedika Bolliger finishing her non-wetsuit Lake Geneva solo crossing in 1999
Solo swim across Lake Geneva in August 1999
Vedika Bolliger, a member of the 24-hour Club for her 42 hour 45 minute crossing of Lake Geneva, Switzerland

Vedika Bolliger of Switzerland is a vegetarian and veteran marathon swimmer from Switzerland who is a two-time member of the 24-hour club.

Open Water Swimming Career

Endurance Sports Career: Ultrarunning, Ultra-Triathlon

Her other endurance feats include the following:

  • Eighteen 24-hour races between 1988 and 2009
  • two 48-hour races (Cologne)
  • 10 x 100 km of Biel
  • Self Transcendence Race 10-Day Race New York (804.6 km in 2000)
  • Zurich Ironman
  • Triple Ironman in Lensahn, Germany in 2000 in 57 hours 25 minutes

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