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USA Long Distance International Championships

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The USA Long Distance International Championships was an open water swimming competition held on 20 August 1984 under the auspices of the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation in the Catalina Channel together with USA Swimming.


The event was the first race across the Catalina Channel since the Wrigley Ocean Marathon in 1927. Penny Dean, Siga Albrecht and Syndi Goldenson were the American coaches, with Dale Petranech as the USA Swimming representative and team manager. Katy O'Hara was responsible for publicity and communication and sailors from Marina del Rey were the volunteer escort boat pilots. Dottie York was in charge of the paddlers.


The start was on Catalina Island and the finish was on Cabrillo Beach, making it a 25.5-mile crossing, more than 5 miles longer than the traditional crossing.


John York won the Catalina-to-mainland race in 8 hours 54 minutes under challenging conditions, finishing on Cabrillo Beach, a total of 25.5 mile.

1. John York (USA) - 8:54:01
2. Rick Heltzel (USA) - 9:04:12
3. Mohamed Ibrahim Elwakeel (Egypt) - 9:23:06
4. Carol Lee Heltzel (USA) - 9:28:28
5. Alison Streeter (England) - 9:33
6. Lamiaa Zahy (Egypt) - 9:52:30
7. David Morgan (England) - 11:23

15 km Race

Prior to the cross-Catalina Channel race, there was also a 15 km race from Huntington Beach to Seal Beach won by Tom Fristoe in 3 hours 9 minutes, followed by Tom Hilgen, Nancy North, and Dr. Jaroslav Novac.

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