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Doug Woodring (on right) with trisolothon competitors in the Sheko Challenge in Hong Kong

noun - Trisolothon is a multi-discipline endurance event first held in Hong Kong at the Sheko Challenge, one of the Top 50 Open Water Swims In Asia originally devised by Doug Woodring.

A trisolothon is not a triathlon; each athlete only does one sport, but it is a three-part race where each sport starts at exactly the same time from different locations, and all descend on the same finish line. Individuals can compete as a solo athlete in one of the sports, or, on teams of two or three. Team times will simply be the aggregated times of each team member in their specific race.

In the Sheko Challenge, the three athletic disciplines are open water swimming, ridge running and ocean paddling. The swimmers do the 2.2 km Sheko Challenge Swim, starting at Big Wave Bay and finishing at the Back Beach in Hong Kong. The runners do the Dragon’s Back. They start in Big Wave Bay, run to near the top, look for your teammates in the water, both on the paddle, and in the swim and then back down to the finish 10 km later at the Back Beach. The paddlers paddle 9 km from the start in Stanley to the finish at Back Beach.

Sheko Challenge

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