Tracy Clark

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Tracy Clark after her crossing of her third Oceans Seven channel, the Catalina Channel in California in 2015
Tracy Clark
Tracy Clark and escort crew

Tracy Clark is an open water swimmer and administrator from New Zealand who lives in Norwich in the UK. Clark has worked tirelessly for a local Women and Children's Shelter on a voluntary basis. In 2008 she ran the Amsterdam marathon and raised almost Euro 2000 for this charity.

Open Water Swimming Highlights

15 August 2016 20 Bridges Race

1 Shane Moraghan 6:52:50 (Dublin, Ireland)
2 Serbo Simeoni 7:04:19 (Safety Harbor, Florida, USA)
3 Colum Lavelle 7:20:38 (Chicago Illinois, USA)
4 Patrick McNight 7:31:32 (Fairfax Virginia, USA)
5 Marty Filipowski 7:38:51 (Sydney, Australia)
6 Kristy McIntyre 7:40:27 (Sydney, Australia)
7 Jim Chiudioni 7:43:00 (Needham Massachusetts, USA)
8 Tracy Clark 7:55:11 (Norwich, England)
9 Marty Munson 8:00:45 (New York, New York, USA)


Swimming with Shivers

Clark wrote a story for Swimming with Shivers, a book with stories about cold water swimming and ice swimmer from Carl Atkinson, Deborah Banks, Ram Barkai, Jo Barkwith, Andy Bennett, Katie Blair, Sylvia Bland, Gideon Bright, Claire Bunker-Fellingham, Judith Charman, Sze-Ming Cheung, Chillswim, David Coleman, Phil Coombe, Talbott Crowell, Ned Denison, Nick Dorey, Dryrobe, Ros Edmonds, Rory Fitzgerald, Daniel Gilmore, Will Glendinning, Gone Swimming, Rebecca Goodson, Julie Gregory, Shaun Hales, Happy Cold Swimming, Louise Hazelton, Colin Hill, Elaine Howley, International Ice Swimming Association, Roni Jelgavas, Mark Johansen, Jody Jones, Ele Jump, Ger Kennedy, Ivan Lewis, Julie Lloyd, Jules McRobbie, Sally Minty-Gravett MBE, Jaimie Monahan, Steven Munatones, Diane Murphy Weaver, Jim Nyberg, Barry O'Connor, Outdoor Swimmer, Simon Parkin, Lisa Peake, Kevin Proctor, Jane Saycet, Val Smith, Fergal Somerville, Jodi Songhurst, Gary Standen, Lucy Stansfield, Kate Steels-Fryatt, Swimming With Smiles Book, Tidal Wave Fitness, Jonty Warneken, Karen Weir, Haydn Welch, Samantha Whelpton, Emily Whittaker, and Nicola Wood.

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