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Toxic Guanabara

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Toxic Guanabara is a 10-minute three-part documentary investigation produced and directed by Thiago Da Costa, a film producer and director from Figura Media. The documentary looks into the polluted bay in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil that threatens athletes on the 2016 Rio Olympics. The film will help sports fans and media around the world to understand the horrific problems of Guanabara Bay where several of the upcoming Olympic events will take place. The pollution levels in the water are prompting Olympians worldwide to withdraw or take medicine before competing. The web series investigates the Brazilian government's unkept promise to clean up the bay and examines the issues that affect this once pristine environment.

Toxic Guanabara tackles its subject by focusing on 3 concerned Brazilians citizens and examining their intimate relationships with the beloved and beleaguered bay. The series will be released on 27 July 2016 on Figura Media's YouTube Channel.

Toxic Guanabara[edit]

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