Tori Gorman

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Tori Gorman is a member of the Australian Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame
Tori Gorman
Victoria Gorman with support crew members David Barra and Kent Nicholas after her 12 hour 41 minute Catalina Channel crossing
Tori Gorman crossing the Catalina Channel on 5 September 2015 to achieve the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming. Photo courtesy of the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation

Victoria Gorman is a 30-year-old marathon swimmer from Sydney, Australia.

Open Water Swimming Highlights

English Channel Impressions

Massive thanks to Mike Oram and crew for their great work in landing me on the Cap Gris Nez. The sprint finish was like nothing I have ever experienced against that crazy tide. And the feeling of relief at standing on rocks will never leave me just like the nice scar I'll have on my leg form the barnacles. What an awesome and overwhelming feeling yesterday was. Huge shout out to Freda, Barrie, Irene, Michelle and the rest of the incredible beach crew who made the last 3 weekends in Dover waiting for the weather to open far more enjoyable and supportive! I was lucky enough to have Irene out there with me observing and supporting me on the actual swim.


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