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noun - The Swim It (or My Swim It) is a personal swim safety device approved by USA Triathlon and invented by Rick Senn of Lo Drag Inc. It is a personal flotation device inside a small pouch worn on an athlete's leg. It is legal to wear in USA Triathlon-sanctioned triathlons, as long as it is not deployed as a life jacket.


In Trouble? Don't Panic... Just Pull It!

The Swim It is a comfortable, reuseable, personal flotation device (PFD). It delivers Peace of Mind to athletes looking to gain a competitive advantage in the open water. The Swim It was designed by triathletes for triathletes. Providing no drag to the swimmer when worn, the Swim It can quickly inflate with just a jerk of the inflation tab. It delivers 7 pounds of flotation when inflated! Now you can swim with confidence!

The Swim It has been tested and approved by USA Triathlon (USAT) and World Triathlon Corp (aka Ironman). It is race legal in all USAT and Ironman sanctioned events!

Just strap It on your right leg, and go for a swim! If needed, grab the red “jerk to inflate” tab and give it a jerk! Your life jacket will automatically inflate and float to the surface next to you. NOTE: deploying the Swim It during a USAT/Ironman sanctioned race will result in disqualification! But hey, you will be alive to race another day… That’s a pretty good deal! Deploying the Swim It during a training swim is just plain fun!



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