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The Great Lake Swim

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Jamie Patrick, protagonist of the Great Lake Swim in Lake Michigan
Jamie Patrick, endurance athlete, swim organizer, governing body co-founder, adventure swim visionary

The Great Lake Swim is a 71-mile (114 km) solo marathon swim by Jamie Patrick in from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Chicago, Illinois across Lake Michigan in and near the Michigan Triangle. The Great Lake Swim will be broadcast live in its entirety by Doug Stanley and his team from Ridgeline Entertainment.

Support Crew[edit]


  • I will enter the water on dry land under my own power.
  • I will wear 1 porous jammer suit. (sorry I look funny in a speedo)
  • I will wear 1 cap.
  • I will wear 1 pair of goggles.
  • I will have 1 kayak in the water with me during daylight hours.
  • I will have two kayaks in the water during dark hours.
  • I will have two independent observers (due to length of swim) rotating every 12 hours that are training in the art of observing open water swims and that understand the rules of my swim. They will have the authority to call the swim if an infraction is done. Their sole responsibility is to observe. They may not assist the swim in any way.
  • I will allow support swimmers throughout my swim. These support swimmers must swim abeam or behind me.
  • No person may purposely touch me for the entire swim.
  • I will not hold on to any support boat or apparatus attached to support boats from start to finish.
  • I will not utilize any un-natural forward motion including drafting off any support vessel (behind or on bow wake.
  • I will allow the support team to hand me any requested items in a method that does not aid in resting or forward progress. This includes nutrition, sun block and lube. I will apply these items myself.
  • At no time will I nor my crew purposely litter. If accidental littering occurs we will make every effort to remedy the situation.
  • In the event animals are present they shall be treated with respect.
  • GPS tracking will be available online including data points.
  • Live observer report will be available throughout the swim to include stroke rate, gps location, feedings, water temp, air temp, wind speed/direction, current and swimmer condition (1-10)
  • The decision to end the swim shall come from me, the doctor on board or my wife.
  • At the end of the swim I will exit the water under my own power and shall pass the farthest water line.
  • The official length of the swim shall be the closes straight line to the finish, not the distance swam.
  • The official time of the swim shall stop upon fully clearing the water.

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